A letter to Myself

Dear Razan,

Hey it’s been a while or maybe it’s even the first time I talk to you heart to heart, I realized something today and I had to write you a letter so first let me just tell you a story so for a while I have been feeling really lonely and just like a broken cassette player that  repeats everything my life was literally waking up , going to the washroom, eat, watch some series ,  more eating then to add spice have a fight with my family and to add double the spice I start to feel absolutely sad about my life and repeat the next day just wishing that Tomorrow somehow the cassette will get fixed or if am lucky I get a new one and start recording new stuff which is under my control. I always go to bed thinking “okay tomorrow am going to fix this” and never do until I burst into tears one day and started to re-introduce myself to you I made new rules, kicked out people who were “Negative” and even started to make friends but that didn’t go so well too because I thought they will fill up the emptiness inside of me. don’t get me wrong some good had come from this journey I was able to adapt to my situation and started owning my feelings and not just ignore them, but I never realized that for me to make friends and be “social” I have to be friends with someone who’s with me 24/7 YOU, YES YOU RAZAN “ I can’t give love if I don’t have love “ that’s a saying I always hear but never believe it was always a cute quote that I tweet but never believe until now, so am here now to say hey would you be my friend and I want to promise you something:

1)    I would feed you all day (#teamfood)

2)    I will learn to love you and understand you

3)    I will treat you the way I want people to treat me

They say if you want something ask for it and I want a happy life so I have to start with being happy with You so the universe can attract happiness to my life and hey I know you want to be my friend because you always try to get my attention by being against me so now let us be one team and achieve whatever we want and for the first time I want to say I am in the way of saying I LOVE YOU so stay by my side

Lots of love




Humanity amuses me…

Humanity amuses me
they tell me to love myself and be proud of myself
and then they tell me how ugly I am or how fat I am
Humanity amuses me

We changed words like love, beautiful and friend
to Lust, Hot and Bitch
humanity amuses me

Humanity amuses me
they teach me to find someone that treats me like a princess
but then they send me someone to abuse and destroy me
humanity amuses me

they let me believe that black life matters and religion is just religion
but then black people are killed left and right
and I am not accepted because of my religion
Humanity amuses me

Humanity encouraged me to be a dreamer and be someone
but they get a hammer and break my dreams into pieces
humanity amuses me

so tell me humanity should I Love Love Love or kill kill kill
tell me humanity should I dream or live in a nightmare
tell me should I wait to be treated as equal or accept reality
Humanity amuses me.

Note: this is my version of a poem or what I call a poem !! My first poem like ever so tell me what you think ? Much love ❤️ 


Blog schedule update

I always said that I made this blog to inspire and get inspired and to learn new things and most importantly learn from my mistakes. I made a mistake. I build a unrealistic blog schedule for myself to follow, I got to admit that I am very bad at scheduling and  time management and I also have the habit of going from 0 to 100 real fast so I got excited am made this schedule that i knew deep down I won’t be able to keep up with so am really sorry and am working to fix my mistake and create a schedule that I will be able to follow but for now am gonna be posting every Monday 

Sorry again 



A piece of paper

Hello guys

First thing first let me start by saying am sorry for not posting on time but I had a long week full of results and university application forms and I was so overwhelmed with all the things that had to be done at this minute, back to today’s topic which s actually inspired by my overwhelming week .papers why do they hold such a power even though it’s just a piece of paper that can be cut into pieces in no time

If you haven’t noticed everything from the house you won over to your education has a paper document that says that you actually own or did this thing like literally a piece of paper says if you own the house that you lived in for 20 years  or you worked your butt of to get that A in math or not ( like seriously a paper says that you actually found that X ) like nowadays  if you don’t have a birth certificate that means you are not a human and you didn’t get born (I know it’s ridiculous) but why does a piece of wood hold that power is it because the human population is known for lying or is it we started doubting the  smallest things that we need something that proves our honesty ?

The irony that even these papers are written by a human so why are you not doubting them maybe that human played with that same paper in such a way that you won’t notice it so tell me do you trust that paper now? We all are just looking for excuses not to trust and be trusted


Supernatural myth or not ? 

Okay so y’all know by now how I love wolves and relate to it but something that really increased my love and curiosity to these creatures are the fiction stories about shape shifter like werewolves. Let me give you a brief introduction into the werewolves world. Werewolves are shape shifters that have the abilities to transform their physical form into a wolf, they are also creatures with outstanding powers than an average human such as strong sense of smell, fast healing and superhuman vision etc, most werewolves get to shift once they turn 13 and they live in packs (groups) with their alpha (male leader) and Luna (female leader). In each pack the alpha is the most powerful creature with outstanding powers than anaverage wolf, every alpha have his beta (2nd in command) and delta (3rd in command) that helps him run the pack. It’s also known that werewolves believe in the idea of soulmates and they get to find their mate once they turn 18, they know them once they set their eyes on them and by their mates scent (I wish we had these abilities would have saved us a lot of time and heartbreaks !! ) but those amazing abilities are not the thoughts that keeps me awake at night but all I want to know is where did we get this myth from ? Is it only a myth or there is a sense of reality on it ? So that what I want you to tell me:

• are myth such as vampires and werewolves can be real or are they just stories made up by our creative minds 

• and if it’s only a myth how did our brains ever made us think of something like that ?

• all our creativity comes from experience that we go through so what could a person go through to come up with such a myth ? 

Am going to do my research and answer these questions next week until then why don’t you share your opinion and thoughts with us on the comment below


Blog Schedule 

Hey beautiful readers 

So I was advised by many people to make a schedule so it will be easier for me to maintain and for you to keep up . so hear it is :

  • Regular post : I will be posting twice a week every Monday and Thursday 
  • Reblog : so here I will be choosing a Topic every week that We would love to read and learn more about and it will be a wonderful way to introduce me and you to new amazing bloggers (note : please leave in the comment below a topic you would love me to read about ) and this will be every Saturday 
  • Every month I will be participating in The Daily post prompt or photo challenge so I can spice things up a bit on the 30th of every month.

Thank you 



Human rights or gender rights ?


I always viewed being a woman as a blessing. Being a woman is a challenge, every day a new fight to win and I love me a good challenge.

The day you are born you are fighting for the love and attention of your parents and you live life from their eyes and then you grow up and fight with them so they can give you your own space to experience life on your own, the challenge of having your first crush and feeling like the whole world knows your secret or the time you got your first period and you started running to your mom’s comfort asking what on earth is happening and you find out its mother-nature congratulating you for not getting pregnant (thank you mother-nature your gift is all over the place :9) or the honour of being a mother and spending 9 month bonding with your child before he is even born. Not many people are lucky enough to experience all those moments who shape us up into wonderful successful ladies.

12               21

Unfortunately, in this era, not everything is Rainbows and sunshine, we live in a time where women are raped, disrespected, abused and not given their simple rights such as education. Now in 2017 still some people think that a women’s job is to say yes and pop kids out, but still, women’s rights are one of the important issues that we are fighting for and am flattered, but I believe that when it comes to rights there is no female and male there is only HUMAN. I believe that we should think of each other as Human when it comes to rights because I know that some of these problems can happen to any gender, so we can’t solve half the problem only we can’t solve the female education problem and don’t solve the problem of that boy who we can save by giving him his simple rights like education maybe we should stop looking at the empty side of the glass and maybe look at the full glass if we want world peace.

” when it comes to rights there is no female and male there is only HUMAN.”

I always heard the saying “treat people the way you want to be treated” so tell me if you disrespect abuse and hurt a human does that mean you want me to hurt, abuse and disrespect you? In court the judge never sentence a murder depend on their gender they get sentenced according to what they did and that’s the way you should treat people for example, you reading this post and in your mind you are probably some of you may think “shame on you how can you say female right is not important ” I never said that what am saying is women’s rights are human’s right so to be a feminist you should be a humanist and respect to be respected and that the human race is the most important race you will ever join so be in it to win it.



only bad boys ??

I already talked about love and all that boring things I know and I don’t want to give you a headache with all that (can you blame a teenager :D), but I was watching a romantic series and like any girl(or at least most girls) I was rooting for the bad boy to get the girl and not the good guy and my mind was like wtf you doing like that’s not logical but my heart was like rooting and making up ship names and then I stopped and thought why? Why are we girl always attracted to the bad boys?? Why don’t we give a chance for a good boy?? Is it there bad boyish attitude or their leather jacket?? Are we the reason why any good boy turns bad?? Idk, I think it’s time for you guys to tell me your opinion


Who am I and why am I here?

I’m the air you breath and the sun that shines your life am your moth…. Okay, now I need to stop.

I’m Razan and am also a teenager who has a lot in her heart and just want to talk and express, am a student who wants to learn about life and not solve one more find “X” equation because The bigger “X” is my life. They teach you how to solve “X” equation, but they can’t even teach you how to solve the bigger “X” (Your life). Before all of that is a human who is trying to find their purpose and ace it.

I am  going through a phase where I just felt empty, useless, and just lonely so I’m here to express and impress, I’m here to heal and feel, I’m here to prove that I can do and will ace in something.