Blog schedule update

I always said that I made this blog to inspire and get inspired and to learn new things and most importantly learn from my mistakes. I made a mistake. I build a unrealistic blog schedule for myself to follow, I got to admit that I am very bad at scheduling and  time management and I also have the habit of going from 0 to 100 real fast so I got excited am made this schedule that i knew deep down I won’t be able to keep up with so am really sorry and am working to fix my mistake and create a schedule that I will be able to follow but for now am gonna be posting every Monday 

Sorry again 



A piece of paper

Hello guys

First thing first let me start by saying am sorry for not posting on time but I had a long week full of results and university application forms and I was so overwhelmed with all the things that had to be done at this minute, back to today’s topic which s actually inspired by my overwhelming week .papers why do they hold such a power even though it’s just a piece of paper that can be cut into pieces in no time

If you haven’t noticed everything from the house you won over to your education has a paper document that says that you actually own or did this thing like literally a piece of paper says if you own the house that you lived in for 20 years  or you worked your butt of to get that A in math or not ( like seriously a paper says that you actually found that X ) like nowadays  if you don’t have a birth certificate that means you are not a human and you didn’t get born (I know it’s ridiculous) but why does a piece of wood hold that power is it because the human population is known for lying or is it we started doubting the  smallest things that we need something that proves our honesty ?

The irony that even these papers are written by a human so why are you not doubting them maybe that human played with that same paper in such a way that you won’t notice it so tell me do you trust that paper now? We all are just looking for excuses not to trust and be trusted


Supernatural myth or not ? 

Okay so y’all know by now how I love wolves and relate to it but something that really increased my love and curiosity to these creatures are the fiction stories about shape shifter like werewolves. Let me give you a brief introduction into the werewolves world. Werewolves are shape shifters that have the abilities to transform their physical form into a wolf, they are also creatures with outstanding powers than an average human such as strong sense of smell, fast healing and superhuman vision etc, most werewolves get to shift once they turn 13 and they live in packs (groups) with their alpha (male leader) and Luna (female leader). In each pack the alpha is the most powerful creature with outstanding powers than anaverage wolf, every alpha have his beta (2nd in command) and delta (3rd in command) that helps him run the pack. It’s also known that werewolves believe in the idea of soulmates and they get to find their mate once they turn 18, they know them once they set their eyes on them and by their mates scent (I wish we had these abilities would have saved us a lot of time and heartbreaks !! ) but those amazing abilities are not the thoughts that keeps me awake at night but all I want to know is where did we get this myth from ? Is it only a myth or there is a sense of reality on it ? So that what I want you to tell me:

• are myth such as vampires and werewolves can be real or are they just stories made up by our creative minds 

• and if it’s only a myth how did our brains ever made us think of something like that ?

• all our creativity comes from experience that we go through so what could a person go through to come up with such a myth ? 

Am going to do my research and answer these questions next week until then why don’t you share your opinion and thoughts with us on the comment below


only bad boys ??

I already talked about love and all that boring things I know and I don’t want to give you a headache with all that (can you blame a teenager :D), but I was watching a romantic series and like any girl(or at least most girls) I was rooting for the bad boy to get the girl and not the good guy and my mind was like wtf you doing like that’s not logical but my heart was like rooting and making up ship names and then I stopped and thought why? Why are we girl always attracted to the bad boys?? Why don’t we give a chance for a good boy?? Is it there bad boyish attitude or their leather jacket?? Are we the reason why any good boy turns bad?? Idk, I think it’s time for you guys to tell me your opinion


Aren’t we all animals !!!

You see I believe that all humans are  animals secretly at least they relate to them but they are just shy to tweet it to the world. I for an instant I love wolves and it’s not only because I am obsessed with teen wolf and all the werewolf fictions I read got to my head but I think they are a beauty with brains and represent the symbol of power (for me) they are all innocent and cute with their beautiful fur and green eyes (yes am really jealous) but let them catch you and we won’t be here to finish this conversation . Plus man even singers agree with me on this, for example, Demi Lovato’s lion tattoo and even some Youtubers love and relate like iisuperwomanii (love her) is a unicorn (if she poops a rainbow then its official guys) and the world’s Simba aka Yousef Saleh Erakat (don’t get me started about the love I have for this guy) and I even stalk dog and cats but that for another reason which is 1) they are so cute and 2) they are way famous than we will ever be . no, but seriously don’t you sometimes feel like your inner wolf wants to literally get out to the world and say “hey am here”. I feel like we should let it out sometimes and just embrace it, it will give you a new level confidence that you never felt, oh btw try not get out on a full moon night (I always knew teen wolf will help me someday).