A letter to Myself

Dear Razan,

Hey it’s been a while or maybe it’s even the first time I talk to you heart to heart, I realized something today and I had to write you a letter so first let me just tell you a story so for a while I have been feeling really lonely and just like a broken cassette player that  repeats everything my life was literally waking up , going to the washroom, eat, watch some series ,  more eating then to add spice have a fight with my family and to add double the spice I start to feel absolutely sad about my life and repeat the next day just wishing that Tomorrow somehow the cassette will get fixed or if am lucky I get a new one and start recording new stuff which is under my control. I always go to bed thinking “okay tomorrow am going to fix this” and never do until I burst into tears one day and started to re-introduce myself to you I made new rules, kicked out people who were “Negative” and even started to make friends but that didn’t go so well too because I thought they will fill up the emptiness inside of me. don’t get me wrong some good had come from this journey I was able to adapt to my situation and started owning my feelings and not just ignore them, but I never realized that for me to make friends and be “social” I have to be friends with someone who’s with me 24/7 YOU, YES YOU RAZAN “ I can’t give love if I don’t have love “ that’s a saying I always hear but never believe it was always a cute quote that I tweet but never believe until now, so am here now to say hey would you be my friend and I want to promise you something:

1)    I would feed you all day (#teamfood)

2)    I will learn to love you and understand you

3)    I will treat you the way I want people to treat me

They say if you want something ask for it and I want a happy life so I have to start with being happy with You so the universe can attract happiness to my life and hey I know you want to be my friend because you always try to get my attention by being against me so now let us be one team and achieve whatever we want and for the first time I want to say I am in the way of saying I LOVE YOU so stay by my side

Lots of love




6 thoughts on “A letter to Myself

  1. You should have added my name to the ‘addressed’…
    Felt like it was a letter to me. Do you write letters?
    I still try to do handwritten letters once in a while. Somehow, I think they are more personal, more lovely etc etc.

    Let me reflect on this and also, run off to the real world. Who knows what promises this day will bring to pass?


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    • I write this blog so I can be creative and take out what’s in my heart so people can relate and feel that we all go through this and that you are not alone we are all here for you and you made me soo happy and yes reflect on this and see what you take with you to the real world and actually I don’t write letter this was actually my first letter and am glad I wrote it, Helped me a lot during a hard time

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    • I think am doing good !! I am doing small progress everyday trying to get to know who I am and honestly this blog has been a huge help, I write my thoughts and feelings and sometimes my thoughts surprise me am
      Like wow I never knew am that deep !! I was able to know what I like and what I don’t like , what I look for in my life and what kind of people I want in my life and just helped me to put myself first !! Thank you for sending me back to this post I just realized it been a long time since I reflected

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