Supernatural myth or not ? 

Okay so y’all know by now how I love wolves and relate to it but something that really increased my love and curiosity to these creatures are the fiction stories about shape shifter like werewolves. Let me give you a brief introduction into the werewolves world. Werewolves are shape shifters that have the abilities to transform their physical form into a wolf, they are also creatures with outstanding powers than an average human such as strong sense of smell, fast healing and superhuman vision etc, most werewolves get to shift once they turn 13 and they live in packs (groups) with their alpha (male leader) and Luna (female leader). In each pack the alpha is the most powerful creature with outstanding powers than anaverage wolf, every alpha have his beta (2nd in command) and delta (3rd in command) that helps him run the pack. It’s also known that werewolves believe in the idea of soulmates and they get to find their mate once they turn 18, they know them once they set their eyes on them and by their mates scent (I wish we had these abilities would have saved us a lot of time and heartbreaks !! ) but those amazing abilities are not the thoughts that keeps me awake at night but all I want to know is where did we get this myth from ? Is it only a myth or there is a sense of reality on it ? So that what I want you to tell me:

• are myth such as vampires and werewolves can be real or are they just stories made up by our creative minds 

• and if it’s only a myth how did our brains ever made us think of something like that ?

• all our creativity comes from experience that we go through so what could a person go through to come up with such a myth ? 

Am going to do my research and answer these questions next week until then why don’t you share your opinion and thoughts with us on the comment below