Brain talk: Good old love

You see LOVE is a hard subject to talk about cause everyone has a different opinion and definitions for it yes definition with an “S” cause love is not only loving someone special. You can love a robot or to travel or  even the garbage that you take out of the house every day ( okay I don’t think the last one is true) what am saying that it comes in different shapes and sizes and colors there is no right love and wrong love. LOVE IS JUST LOVE
Now you should be thinking aren’t you the love believer and the romantic?? Yes, I am but that got me nothing other than heartbreaks and losing a lot of money on makeup to cover those black circles. I can’t sit here and be like love is the greatest thing on earth cause sometimes it sucks and it’s hard to actually believe in love cause man am a person who needs affection it hurts when one of my friends that I truly love and admire is not giving me the attention and love I give them ( btw for you people who think love is only for lovers boy get out of here without my homegirls love I would be nowhere !! Who is gonna curl my hair and marry me and let me embrace my lesbian side ?? ) and it hurt when my baby aka my phone breaks I would literally break up with anyone but not scratch my phone but these moments shape up who we are and stronger our immune system ( yes breaking your phone stronger your immune system SCIENCE !! ) and am not gonna say that it’s not scary to get heartbroken but don’t you think the fact that you are heartbroken means you are lucky enough to experience love ( *cough* and emotions *cough* ) I myself trying to learn that even though I got heartbroken few times that doesn’t mean that love doesn’t exist cause it does and I experience it but just the other person wasn’t the right person for that love ( boy your loss !! 💁🏽 )
I think nowadays that teens are more in love with the idea of dating more than love itself we just wanna be in a relationship just because people do it or we are in love with the unrealistic type of love aka Disney love . in real life guys don’t go around the whole country carrying a shoe and knocking doors and letting girls try it out for two obvious reasons they don’t have the money and time for that and because some girls wear the same shoe size ( mind=blown) and here where I believe in the saying love is overrated cause most people believe in happy ending and once upon time stories.
Some people say if you are in love then go and admit it to the world and let the person know this is a good advice but lemme just translate that in teens words this means “ go find a lovely quote and post it on every social media with a cute captain “ and here where you introduce the read between the lines idea . You see am even guilty of this I understand you don’t wanna face rejection and hurt your ego I get it but maybe we should keep our egos aside and just be in love cause there are 7 billion people on this planet and there is someone for you so you may get rejected today but you will be loved tomorrow.

Please share your thoughts with me and maybe answer some of my questions do you think love is real in these days ?? Does physical attraction can be called a type of love ?? And are you In love ??



2 thoughts on “Brain talk: Good old love

  1. Qawarir says:

    Well anyway getting to the point I don’t believe that there is a definition for love ! Love is too complicated to be explained! And I agree with you when comes to people liking the idea of dating more than they actually care about their love towards that certain person! I hope that changes one day though!

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    • Gagaaaa 💕💕 omg I really appreciate that and really touched !! I love you so much and yes I agree dating became more of trend !! Omg I can’t believe you found this


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