Aren’t we all animals !!!

You see I believe that all humans are  animals secretly at least they relate to them but they are just shy to tweet it to the world. I for an instant I love wolves and it’s not only because I am obsessed with teen wolf and all the werewolf fictions I read got to my head but I think they are a beauty with brains and represent the symbol of power (for me) they are all innocent and cute with their beautiful fur and green eyes (yes am really jealous) but let them catch you and we won’t be here to finish this conversation . Plus man even singers agree with me on this, for example, Demi Lovato’s lion tattoo and even some Youtubers love and relate like iisuperwomanii (love her) is a unicorn (if she poops a rainbow then its official guys) and the world’s Simba aka Yousef Saleh Erakat (don’t get me started about the love I have for this guy) and I even stalk dog and cats but that for another reason which is 1) they are so cute and 2) they are way famous than we will ever be . no, but seriously don’t you sometimes feel like your inner wolf wants to literally get out to the world and say “hey am here”. I feel like we should let it out sometimes and just embrace it, it will give you a new level confidence that you never felt, oh btw try not get out on a full moon night (I always knew teen wolf will help me someday).


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